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Can I use my sports mouth guard for bruxism

Posted on 2/7/2022 by Office
Can I use my sports mouth guard for bruxismBruxism is the clenching or grinding of teeth as you sleep. It is a serious condition that can lead to problems such as cracked or chipped teeth, jaw strain and pain, temporomandibular disorders, and headaches. When you come to the clinic our dentists will work closely to find the right solution for your condition. One device that we can give you is a night mouthguard that you can wear to prevent you from grinding your teeth. You will be provided with a custom-made mouthguard that fits perfectly in your mouth and effectively shields your teeth and gums.

You Cannot Use Your Sports Mouthguard for Bruxism

Your sports mouthguard cannot be worn for bruxism. This is because it is made in a different design and for a different purpose. For instance, sports mouthguards are larger and are meant to be worn for a short period (usually not more than two hours). After the match, you are supposed to remove it. Sports mouthguards are not to be worn for an extended period such as overnight. Because of its unique design and size, you can hurt the soft tissues such as lips, gums, and tongue.

Talk to Our Dentist

The night mouthguards are made in a way that saliva gets to the teeth, saliva helps in washing away food particles that may be remaining in the mouth. This will help in preventing tooth decay and dental cavities. Sports mouthguards are made in a way that they have direct contact to the teeth and without any holes to pass saliva.Consult with our dentist before using your sports mouth guard for bruxism. Our dental specialists will provide you with the appropriate treatment solution that will not harm your oral health. Come to our clinic or give us a call if you require an effective solution for your bruxism problem.

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