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Dental Bonding
Tucker, GA

Dentist performing dental bonding treatment on patientBonding is a cosmetic procedure that promotes the appearance of teeth for a radiant smile. It improves the injured tooth's size, color, and shape using a composite resin that closely resembles your teeth. The process is mainly used to fix chips and cracks, close up spaces between teeth, and cover up discoloration. Additionally, it is perfect for replacing outdated dental fillings with more attractive ones and ensuring the safety of exposed tooth roots arising from gum disease. The key benefits of the bonding process are that it is dependable, durable, and straightforward. Visit Reich Dental Center - Tucker to get more details about dental bonding.

Procedure for Dental Bonding

Prior to the start of a dental bonding procedure, you will discuss your cosmetic objectives with the dentist. After that, the dentist will examine your teeth and gums to determine whether you are fit to undergo the treatment. The dentist may decide to perform x-rays as an additional test. The doctor may advise a person with severe tooth decay or gum disease to seek treatment for these diseases first.

The dentist chooses a composite resin material for dental bonding that closely resembles your natural teeth using a shade guide. Your dentist will condition and roughen your teeth, so the bonding material adheres appropriately. The dentist will place the composite resin into the desired form and polishes it. The component hardens using a special curing light. Your dentist will do any alterations required to ensure that your teeth appear as natural as possible. The procedure can take up to an hour, though it is not painful.

How to Take Care of Bonded Teeth

You must continue maintaining good oral hygiene after the bonding procedure. This comprises brushing your teeth two times a day and flossing once daily. Additionally, you should visit the dentist routinely for exams and cleanings of the teeth. How well you take care of and maintain your dental bonding will determine how long it lasts. Since the bonding material is porous and prone to stains, please avoid anything that tarnishes it. Tea, coffee, alcohol, and cigarette smoke can significantly stain your teeth. Additionally, avoid biting into hard candies or ice, and always rinse your mouth with water after eating anything acidic.

People who play contact sports should wear sports mouthguards to protect their teeth from injuries. Also, those who grind and clench their teeth must wear a night mouth guard before they sleep. If you feel any discomfort after the bonding operation, call your dentist. If any of your bonding chips or pieces come loose, let your doctor know so they may be repaired.

Benefits of Dental Bonding

Dental bonding has several advantages. The main benefit is that it is non-intrusive. Unlike porcelain veneers and crowns, dental bonding doesn't require major tooth modification. Second, it helps fix various cosmetic problems such as gaps in teeth, tooth cracks, and discoloration. In addition, the process requires only one dental session. Dental bonding is long-lasting as it can last over 10 years without repair or replacement. The procedure is also more cost-effective than other cosmetic procedures. Visit Reich Dental Center - Tucker to get more details about dental bonding services. Call us today at (678) 534-1010 for more inquiries.

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