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Digital Radiography
Tucker, GA

Gloved hands holding and pointing at digital x-rayDigital radiography is an x-ray technique that uses phosphor plate sensors or hard sensors instead of films. These sensors are connected to the computer, either via wires or through wireless technology. Once the radiographic image is taken, the image is projected directly on the screen for the dentist – and the patient – to view.

At Reich Dental Center - Tucker, our doctors use dental technology such as digital radiography to help our patients receive dental treatment without the time and greater risks associated with traditional x-rays.

Benefits of Dental Digital Radiography

Dental digital radiography has several advantages over traditional radiography.

Some of its benefits are given below:
•  Lower Radiation: The biggest fear associated with x-rays is exposure to harmful radiation levels. Even though conventional radiographs carry low risks of cancer, their digital counterparts are even better, reducing the level of radiation by 75 percent or more. This means we can offer our patients a higher level of care and safety when using digital x-rays. Digital radiographs are safe enough to be used on pregnant women or young children a few times.
•  Image Enhancement: Digital x-rays allow us to view and manipulate your dental x-ray images. It helps us control the exposure to each image so we can make them lighter or darker. This can help us highlight problem areas in your mouth. We can also adjust their size, making the images larger, enhancing their color, and overlaying textures on them. These x-rays not just allow us to see the disease easily, they also allow us to educate you on your oral health, provide a faster diagnostic and a better treatment plan.
•  Image Quality: Digital radiographs provide a superior image quality than a traditional x-ray film, bringing tiny, hard-to-see problem areas to the forefront that would otherwise have been missed.
•  Less Space Required: Traditional x-rays involve a large amount of hard-copy x-ray films and storing them in their proper place can be very bothersome. Digital radiography, however, eliminates the need for filing and storing x-rays. The dental digital images are stored inside our computer’s network database and can be accessed at any time. You can also scan all your pre-existing hard-copy x-rays and then store them in the same database.
•  Faster Image Sharing: Digital radiography allows us to send your x-rays to other dentists or to dental labs, which are involved in creating a prosthetic for you. When your insurance company needs your x-rays, there is no need to go to the hassle of making a scan of the hard copy of your x-rays. We can email your x-rays directly, resulting in a quicker and better patient-doctor relationship.
•  Time Saving: Digital x-rays also eliminate the long time it takes to process a physical x-ray or to spend several minutes thumbing through files to retrieve a previously-taken x-ray from your file cabinet.
•  Higher Security: Physical x-rays carry a larger risk of being stolen. With digital radiography, your x-rays are safe inside our computer’s database. Even if the office is damaged or destroyed in a fire, flood, or other calamities, your x-rays will still be safe with us.
•  Eliminates The Use Of Chemicals: Digital radiography eliminates the use of harmful chemicals that are required to process traditional x-rays.

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With digital radiography, making correct diagnostic and coming up with better treatment plans which have a higher chance of acceptance is easier than ever. If you are interested in switching to digital radiography, contact us at (678) 534-1010 today.

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