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Night Mouth Guard Tucker GA

Opaque white plastic mouth guard on a white background ordered for a patient at at Reich Dental Center - Tucker in GaA night mouth guard is a device used by people who grind their teeth at night. The condition is known as bruxism. It is an unpleasant and irritating disorder because it damages your teeth. The most annoying aspect of bruxism is that there is no treatment for it; the only method to prevent it is wearing a night mouth guard.

If you suffer from bruxism, visit us at Reich Dental Center - Tucker to get the best night guard for you.

What Are the Benefits of Mouth Guards?

Wearing a mouth guard inhibits plaque from forming and safeguards your teeth from harm. It's crucial to keep in mind that night mouth guards are different from sports mouth guards.

While a sports mouth guard protects your teeth and gums from injury, a night mouth guard helps to prevent teeth grinding and clenching. Sports mouth guards shouldn't be used at night since they retain germs on the gum surface and restrict saliva from penetrating the gums. Saliva is essential since it neutralizes oral acid protecting teeth from cavities. Saliva also removes all food debris from the mouth, avoiding plaque buildup.

Most night mouth guards have openings that allow saliva to penetrate the gums and teeth. Before purchasing a night mouth guard, it is essential to consult with your one of our dentists so they can suggest the appropriate one for safeguarding your teeth.

Night mouth guards can lessen headache recurrence. This is because the most common sign of bruxism is a severe headache caused by strained muscles in the neck, shoulder, jaw, and lips. A customized night mouth guard can aid in avoiding headaches caused by tensing.

What Are the Different Types of Night Mouth Guards?

Night mouth guards are available in three different forms: custom-made, over-the-counter, and hard night guards.

•  The custom-made night guards are most common and provide a specialized alternative. These night guards are made in the dental lab using impressions of your teeth.

Dentists manufacture custom-made night mouth guards using premium components and cutting-edge production methods. As a result, these guards are more dependable, durable, comfortable, and versatile.

•  Over-the-counter mouth guards are designed to fit every mouth and are sold in stores. They are available in a variety of sizes and forms, including boil-and-bite night mouth guards, which you can make soft with hot water for a snug fit. A night mouth guard shouldn't be used for a prolonged period since it can alter your bite.

•  Hard night mouth guards are recommended for people who excessively clench and grind their teeth and those with TMJ problems because they aid in treating these disorders. Hard night mouth guards help relieve jaw muscle tension by stopping teeth from slipping. They are made of high-quality acrylic materials, making them sturdy and durable.

How to Select the Best Night Mouth Guard

The main goal of your night mouth guard is to prevent you from clenching and grinding your teeth. Make sure your night mouth guard is comfortable because an unpleasant one can hurt you, and you won't enjoy wearing it. Additionally, the type of night mouth guard that is best for you will depend on your oral health. The customizable night guards are the most highly advised since they provide a perfect fit.

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