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Tucker, Ga

Operatory dental procedure at Reich Dental Center - Tucker.
Taking good care of your teeth and gums is an important part of life. A beautiful smile not only looks good, but it is also an indicator of your overall health.

Studies have shown that systemic illnesses, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes, are directly linked to oral health complications like periodontal (gum) disease.

At Reich Dental Center - Tucker, our goal is to help you maintain excellent oral health and improve your overall quality of life.

Our services include preventive, restorative, cosmetic, and emergency dentistry. If you are in need of any professional dental treatment, you have come to the right place!

Family Dentistry

From young children to seniors, oral care is very important. This includes both care at home as well as professional care.

At Reich Dental Center - Tucker, we provide care for patients of all ages. We understand that all patients have different needs. To this end, our practice provides comprehensive care for every member of your family.

With a wide range of services, we can help you and your family maintain optimal oral health and beautiful smiles through every stage of life.

Good oral hygiene starts at home, with regular brushing and flossing. However, this is only a part of maintaining optimal oral health.

To keep your mouth healthy, and prevent serious oral health complications, regular dental visits for cleanings and exams is necessary.

Cleanings are designed to remove all buildup from the surfaces of your teeth, including plaque, tartar, bacteria, and other debris.

Exams enable us to take a close look at your teeth, gums and other oral tissues, checking for signs of damage. If we spot anything, we can take action quickly, ensuring that your mouth stays healthy and your smile beautiful.

Restorative Dentistry

Sometimes, despite taking care of your mouth, issues can still occur. You might end up with a cavity. Gum disease may have taken hold of your mouth. You might have a tooth get damaged while playing sports. You might suddenly get a toothache that turns out to be an infection. A tooth could completely fall out.

No matter how your issues arise, we can provide you with the treatment you need to restore not just the health of your mouth, but your beautiful smile and your quality of life as well.

Restorative treatments include:

•  Dental Fillings
•  Dental Crown
•  Dental Bridge
•  Dental Implant Restoration

Cosmetic Dentistry

Your smile is the first thing that people notice about you. Any imperfections, no matter how minor, can significantly impact the beauty of your smile, and your confidence.

There is no reason to have to live with any imperfections in your teeth, whether they are discoloration, small chips or cracks, gaps between your teeth, malformed teeth, or even missing teeth.

No matter what your cosmetic needs, we can help. With a vast array of cosmetic treatments, we can restore the beauty of your smile, and help you to maintain it for a lifetime.

Along with the restoration of the appearance of your smile, we can also help to give you back the confidence you need to show off your smile once again. Everyone will take notice, and they will certainly remember you and your gorgeous smile.

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We are here for you when you are little, when you are in college, and when you are retired. Regardless of your phase in life, we can provide the treatments you need, all under one roof. For more information, and to schedule your appointment, call Reich Dental Center - Tucker at (678) 534-1010 today.

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