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Sports Mouth Guard
Tucker, GA

Sweaty boy with custom sports mouth guard made by Reich Dental Center - Tucker in GA
Athletes frequently use mouth guards to protect their teeth. They safeguard the athletes' cheeks, tongues, and gums in the event of an accident as they compete.

Boxers first used sports mouth guards, but they are now more widely used in other games.

Sports mouth guards come in two main varieties: custom-fit and over-the-counter. Since they are specifically made to fit your teeth, custom-fitted sports mouth guards provide better teeth protection than those purchased off the shelf.

A mouth guard for sports should be comfortable, reliable, and easy to maintain. Additionally, it shouldn't obstruct your breathing or speech.

At Reich Dental Center - Tucker, we can custom make mouth guards for sports.

Who Requires a Sports Mouth Guard?

Despite your best attempts to exercise caution, accidents still happen, and prevention is always best.

Our dentists recommend sports mouth guards for children and adults who participate in various sports to safeguard the mouth and teeth from harm. They also reduce the possibility of nerve pain, tooth loss, and chipped or broken teeth.

One must use a sports mouth guard when playing contact sports like soccer, boxing, baseball, lacrosse, basketball, or hockey.

A sports mouth guard should also be worn to protect the mouth from injuries sustained while engaging in recreational activities like gymnastics, mountain biking, skateboarding, or other physical activities.

How to Care for Your Sports Mouth Guard

It's important to maintain your sports mouth guard since this will extend its durability and protection level.

Since your mouth is full of bacteria, it is advised to brush your teeth before putting in your mouthguard.

Additionally, swish cold water through your mouthguard before and after use. Use a toothbrush and mild soap to scrub your mouthguard to clean it gently.

After washing, let your mouthguard air dry. Keep it away from hot surfaces, bright sunlight, hot water, and any other extreme heat if you want it to maintain its shape. When not in use or traveling, place your mouthguard in a sturdy, vented plastic case.

Be sure to store your mouthguard out of your pet's reach and inspect it often for wear and tear. If your mouthguard begins to sag, feels uncomfortable, or develops tears or holes, replace it.

Please take it to your dentist for routine check-ups.

Over-the-counter mouth guards are not very durable. However, with proper care, custom-fitted mouth guards can last for several years.

How Often Should You Replace Your Sports Mouth Guard?

Even though mouth guards for most sports can last a long period, replacing them each season is important.

Make sure you start every season with a brand-new mouthguard. Also, change your kids' mouth guards more frequently as their jaws and teeth grow.

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